Wednesday, November 12, 2008

(105) Time of My Life by Allison Winn Scotch

If you could pick an age in your life where you could go back & start over, what age would you choose?
I am going with age 19. When I made the decision to not go back to finish college. While I am THRILLED with where I work & what I do, I now wonder how much different my life would have been if I had stayed in school for all four years.
For Jill, the main character of Time of My Life, she doesn't get a choice. She is so discontent with her life & her marriage that she is thrilled to wake up & discover that she is back in the year 2000. The week before she breaks up with her ex-boyfriend & meets her future husband.
The author has done an excellent job at illustrating how just one or two different decisions can make a huge difference in how the rest of our lives play out. And even though Jill has the opportunity at a "do-over", she realizes that things that are meant to happen WILL happen.
Time of My Life is not really a chick-lit book, like the cover suggests. It is an emotional look at whether being happy with your life is as easy as it sounds. It is a great book & I see it as a future favorite of book clubs all over America.


binders said...

That sounds like a great book! I'm totally going to go out and get it. I've been wanting a good read and I've been contemplating the same thing lately- the road not taken. I'm cool with where I'm at but when you reach a certain age and are now hemmed in by all the choices you made when you were younger, you can't help but look back and wonder...

Joy said...

I'm going to tuck this into my list of books to suggest to our newly formed bookclub!

Jerilynn said...

was this made into a lifetime sounds really familiar

Julie said...

It's a great book, and so is her first one, The Department of Lost and Found

Joy said...

I'm reading this now and I'm enjoying it quite a bit! Thanks again!

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