Tuesday, August 19, 2008

(81) The Waiter Rant by The Waiter

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I didn't think I would, but I did. So much in fact that it might go on the "Best of 2008" list.
The Waiter Rant is a book based on this blog. http://waiterrant.net/ Which is apparently the online Bible for all waiters great & small. The Waiter is a man in his thirties who stumbled into the restaurant business by mistake. He is Seminary educated & has a degree in psychology. But he makes his living waiting tables in New York City.
I will be honest. I have never been a waitress, I will never be a waitress. This one armed bandit does not have the dexterity necessary to carry multiple plates of food or pour beverages without getting somebody or something wet. Just because I have never been a waitress, does not mean that I can't empathize with what servers go through on a daily basis. I work retail, remember?
I picked up this book fully expecting it to be written by a pompous asshole who does nothing but make fun of his clients and co-workers. Yes, there is a healthy dose of that,
"Mr Green's y our typical yuppie food Nazi living in a cocoon of
but there is also a chapter called Heaven & Hell that nearly brought tears to my eyes. People can be your hell, but they can also be your heaven.

The book is peppered with one-liners that had me laughing out loud. Here he is discussing the dedication of restaurant staff.
" Armando pops so many antihistamines & Tylenol when he gets a cold I
worry that his liver will pop out of his navel before the end of the shift"
And this line, I can relate to this line from a chapter entitled If It Can Go Wrong, It Will Anyone who has been in management can relate to this line.
"I am headed for a rifle-in-the-clock-tower moment"
Like I said, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The Waiter has written a great book with great tales of life from the kitchen and the front of the house. While his cynical side is often displayed page after page, he has a soft side, too. A side that worries about his wait staff, a side that takes care not to humiliate a drunken regular down on her luck. A side that makes him human. It was just overall a great book. For anyone who has ever dined in a fine restaurant or even if you just dine at Applebee's, it may very well be the eye-opening book you need!


Lisa Mandina said...

Unfortunately as a teacher I've had those headed for a rifle in the clock tower moments as well.

Anonymous said...

I could've told you it was going to be good, just because I've been reading his blog for so long! The book is on "to be read" book, for sure. He's made me think of my waiters in a whole different way (both good and bad) when I go out to eat. And now I really *am* scared they're gonna spit in my food if I complain! But I also make sure my tip is healthy enough to compensate them for my sometimes difficult order, if they have the right attitude about it. :) And I at least let them know that *I* know I'm being difficult, but that I'll make it up to them in the tip if all goes well! (Hey, I think this is the longest comment I've EVER left on a blog!)

Ashley T said...

I am next in line to read this book. One of my coworkers bought this book and we all are waiting to read it! She started talking to us about it and we were laughing. It makes us feel good that we aren't the only people in the restaurant business that has to go through that! I should write a book with all of my stories : )

caite said...

I used to enjoy his blog and heard an interview with him on the radio the other day, discussing the book. I will have to check it out.

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