Sunday, July 13, 2008

(67)The Continuity Girl by Leah McLaren

My tenth book of vacation. Yes, I read ten books on vacation. Can you believe that? I think it was a successful vacation! *grin*
It is a little ironic (maybe) that on my 33rd birthday (today) I read a book about a woman having her 35th birthday. Meredith goes in for her yearly exam on her 35th birthday & gets the rude awakening from her substitute gyno, the very handsome Dr. Joe. Have a baby this year or else.....
Meredith is a "Continuity girl". Meaning her job is to check for continuity on movie sets. She sits there with a script & a notebook & watches each & every single take to make sure that the actors are using the same hand to eat with, to make sure the lighting is consistent, things like that.
And while the job sounds fascinating, the book is not. I kept waiting for it to get funny. I kept waiting to laugh out loud. After Meredith's horrifying gyno visit, she heads to a shoot in England with the mission of finding the perfect "sperm donor" and getting pregnant. All the while dealing with her Mother & the quirky production people. And let's not forget the handsome Dr Joe who keeps popping up at the strangest times.
Soon Mere realizes that she just isn't looking to get pregnant, but she is looking for love, too.
The book is touted as being funny & witty. And frankly I didn't so much as crack a smile. You want funny & witty? Stick with Meg Cabot.


Lisa Mandina said...

Wow, and I thought I was doing good with my 6 or 7 books that I read on vacation!! This book sounded kind of good to me, I'll have to pick it up! Hope you had a good birthday!

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