Sunday, July 6, 2008

(58) No One You Know by Michelle Richmond

This was my first book on vacation! Yes, I am on vacation!! And once I get back home, I plan on doing NOTHING but reading!! Well, and catching up on DVR. I am not currently on my computer, so no pictures.

No One You Know is a book by author, Michelle Richmond. I first discovered Ms Richmond when I read the ARC of her last book, The Year Of Fog. I enjoyed that book so much & recommended it to everyone at work & even had it as a staff rec. But I felt completely validated when Jolynn at work read it & agreed with me. LOL. Jolynn is far more literary than I am, so when she agrees that a book is good, I feel a little puff in my chest. (We also agreed on Here If You Need Me by Kate Braestrup in case you wondered.)

No One You Know is about two sisters, Lila & Ellie. Ellie is just eighteen when she tells her older sister that she has to find her own ride, because it is Ellie's night for the car & she is too busy to give her a ride. Lila doesn't come home that night & Ellie's life is forever turned upside down.

Flash forward twenty years. And everything she thought she knew about Lila's death is being challenged. The man who betrayed her has come back in her life and the man she thought did it has convinced her otherwise.

So Ellie starts working backwards. Interviewing the people in her sister's life at the time of her murder. Classmates, teachers, etc... And she soon discovers that things aren't always what they seem.

No One You Know isn't a mystery per se. It is about a woman trying to discover the truth so she can continue her life in peace. But there is some investigative work that goes along with that. Michelle Richmond has written such an open, painfully honest book. It tugs at your heart and you desperately want Ellie to be at peace. You want her to settle things so she can live "happily ever after".

I have compared Michelle Richmond to Jodi Picoult before, but now I think it is only in the subject matters written about. Michelle Richmond is much less wordy (not a bad thing, just different) and the emotions seem a little more raw and the characters a little less martyr like.

No One You Know is a great, engrossing, dramatic read. You can buy it here. And you can read my review of The Year Of Fog at my MySpace blog.


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