Saturday, May 17, 2008

(43) Stone Creek by Victoria Lustbader -On Sale May 27th

I would like to introduce you to a couple of people I met while visiting Stone Creek. A sleepy little summer town on the East coast, where wealthy city dwellers go to escape the heat of summer.
First, there is Lily. Lily is the 46 year old wife of a very high-powered lawyer from the city. Paul is her second husband. Her first husband divorced her after coming out & has been with the same partner ever since. They are getting ready to adopt their first child. Lily is a kind, generous soul who decides to spend the entire summer at their house in Stone Creek. She is hoping to nurse the wounds of infertility & the scathing words of her callous husband. She is hurting something fierce. She loves Paul with all of her soul, but how can she live with a man who orders her to stop wanting to be a Mother?
Next there is Danny. Danny is a ruggedly handsome thirty-something year old widower trying to raise his five year old son, Caleb. Danny lost his wife exactly one year ago. He has been trying so hard to hold it all together for Caleb's sake. And the fact that his Mother in Law pounces at the first sign of weakness. She enthusiastically points out each & every flaw of Danny's. As a native of Stone Creek, Danny is used to the wealthy summer residents that flash their money, drive cars more expensive than his home & live up on the hill.
Danny & Lily's paths cross briefly at first. Just a run in at the grocery store & an current of electricity sparks between them. They both feel it & wonder "what if". As the summer progresses & their paths cross more often due to a charity they are both working on, Danny & Lily find themselves spending more & more time together. And enjoying every minute of it.
Can Danny & Caleb fill the void in Lily's heart? Will they satisfy her yearning for a child? Will Lily finally help Danny move past the loss of his wife? Will they connect on a physical level as well as an emotional level?
Stone Creek is a very well written love story. It is the perfect book for you to take to the beach or the lake house & devour in one sitting. The heartache that surrounds all of the characters, including Paul & the nasty Mother in Law, will have you hoping for the RIGHT outcome at the end. But don't be mistaken, this is not one of those cheesy, happy ever after endings. This is a book with a realistic ending. This is one of those books that makes me wonder what happened, AFTER the ending.
A great summer read!!


Kylee said...

This sounds like a terrific book. Another to add to the wishlist.

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