Monday, May 12, 2008

(41) The Host by Stephanie Meyer

It is very rare to find an author such a Stephanie Meyer. She has such a talent for immersing the reader in the world she has created. Whether it be in Forks or in the caves, as a reader you forget all about the outside world. For a brief period of time, your friends are Wanda's friends. Your concerns are Bella's concerns.
The Host is the first book of Stephanie Meyer's that is not part of her world famous Twilight series. It is the first book in which Meyer can prove that she is a world class storyteller.
When I first started reading The Host I admit I was a bit confused. Meyer doesn't give a whole lot of back story to what has happened to the world. By reading the dust jacket, I knew the book had an Invasion of the Body Snatchers feel to it, but it was a couple of chapters before I was able to piece it all together.
Sometime in the not too distant past, The Souls came to Earth & started slowly taking over. There was no violent war, there was nothing to give away that the people on the street were no longer human. They looked the same, they sounded the same, they continued doing things Humans do, like playing in the park & walking the dog. But the remaining Humans knew. Things were too perfect. The nightly news turned into the "feel good" hour.
The book starts with the insertion of a Soul (the body snatchers) into a Host (the humans). The Soul is Wanderer. And the Host body is Melanie. And while the Healers (body snatcher doctors) believe that the Host has turned over not only her body, but her mind to the Soul, Wanderer knows differently.
Melanie is still present. Melanie still has her thoughts & opinions. Melanie still loves her brother, Jamie & their companion, Jared. And the battle for control of the body has begun. Over the coarse of time, Melanie & Wanderer have agreed to live in harmony. Until Melanie convinces Wanderer to seek out Jared & Jamie.
It is while on the verge of death, they are discovered by Jeb, Melanie's Uncle. And the head of the human sect that is hiding in the mountains of the desert. Among them are Jared & Jamie.
This is when things get good! The members of the group only see the "parasite" they do not believe that Melanie is still present. They see her body, they see her face, but the words they hear are coming from the "parasite".
The story continues in page-turner fashion. You see the different species learning to have compassion for the other. You see that there are strong bonds being formed between species that are programmed to hate the other.
Yes there is a love "triangle", but in reality it is more. There are four people involved, but only three bodies. Can love survive an extraterritorial invasion?
I promise you that once you start reading The Host. And once you piece the history of these people together, you will not be able to put the book down. You will not be able to stop until you find out if "Wanda" and Ian end up together. You will not be able to stop until you find out if Melanie & Jared can resume their love.
This book has confirmed what I had already suspected. Stephanie Meyer is a world class storyteller. And she has found a loyal reader in me.


Kylee said...

WOW - I've only read Twilight so far. It took me a good 2/3 of the book to get into it. I read the two chapter teaser for The Host and I've been wanting to get my hands on it! I hope to get it from the library soon.

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

You won't be disappointed, I promise!!!

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

You won't be disappointed, I promise!!!

Lisa Mandina said...

You are so right, you said exactly what I've been thinking. The more I read of the Host, the harder it is to put it down. Stephenie Meyer just has such a way of writing the characters that you have to know what is going on. It's killing me to have no time to read. I would rather read tonight than do the grading I know I have to do.

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

Lisa, be sure to check back when you are done, I want to know what you think!

Anonymous said...

I liked the Twilight series okay, but I really enjoyed The Host even more. The whole "4 persons, 3 bodies" love triangle was one of my favorite parts.

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