Friday, April 11, 2008

(34) Second Chance by Jane Green (Audiobook)

Everyone deserves a Second Chance, right?? Everyone deserves the opportunity to try again. To have a do-over. I believe in Second Chances.

So when I downloaded Second Chance by one of my favorite authors, Jane Green, I wasn't sure what her spin on it would be.

Well, we are introduced to Holly & her husband, Marcus. To Olivia, the animal shelter owner. To Safron, the Hollywood starlet, and to Paul & Anna. The group of friends have gathered to mourn & remember their friend, Tom, who was killed in a terrorist attack on American soil.

They are high school friends on the eve of their forties. They have drifted apart, gone their separate ways & have lived their own lives. After reconnecting for their mourning, they vow to never drift apart again.

And when one of them has a crisis, the friends all gather in the country to help their friend through the crisis.

So, the title, Second Chance, what does it refer to? The friend & her husband who are on the brink of divorce? Maybe.

The alcoholic friend who has a relapse and is slowly destroying her life through drinking?

The single friend who finds herself pregnant after a one night stand? Or the other married couple struggling with infertility. Will they get a second chance to become parents?
Second Chance is a great book to read if you are at that crossroads in your life. What I mean is that you don't have to decide what you are going to do for the rest of your life at twenty. Or even thirty. Because you never know what life is going to hand you & what you will be doing or WANT to do at age thirty-nine. Or forty-nine. Everyone has a Second Chance. They have the chance to change their lives.
Ok -- having said all of that & knowing that I LOVED this book & I LOVE Jane Green. I love listening to her books because they are set in the UK. And I love those accents. So, imagine my surprise when Holly, is talking about running into an old friend at Barnes & Noble while her son is playing with the train set. IN LONDON!!!!
Now, I know my Barnes & Noble friends can back me up on this. B&N is NOT an international company. We do NOT have a store set in the heart of London. It drives me nuts to see such obvious discrepancies? Inaccuracies?? What is the word I am looking for?? In any case, it is WRONG! :P
Anyway, if you can get past that little irritating tidbit, check out the book. The accents make it fun to listen to!!


Lisa Mandina said...

Interesting that they say there is a B&N in London, wishful thinking I guess.

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