Sunday, March 2, 2008

(22) Not Quite What I Was Planning by Smith Magazine

This is a NEAT little book!! Someone had pointed it out to our District Manager, who then emailed it out to all the stores. So I picked it up & couldn't put it down. I brought it home with me & just finished reading it. It took maybe 45 minutes.

The books concept reminds me of Postsecret to be honest. It is like Postsecret, without the postcards.

According to the blurb at the front of the book, the book was compiled from SMITH magazine's website. The website is addicting. You can just sit and read the ever changing memoirs.

The synopsis on the back of the book sums it up by saying (paraphrasing here) that anyone's life story can be summed up in six words. They give the example of Hemmingway's "FOR SALE: Baby Shoes, Never Worn".

The book has hundreds of six word memoirs. Including from some of your favorite authors. Dave Eggers, Elizabeth Gilbert, Joyce Carol Oates, & Stephen Colbert are just a few. I jotted down a few that really spoke to me. I could have written a couple of them myself, the other's made me chuckle. (Stephen Colbert's)

" Middle of seven made me" ~~ Susan Sinnott (I could have wrote this)
"Bad breaks discovered at high speed" Paul Schultz (OMG!)
"I recognize red flags faster now" Barbara Burri (OH, YEAH!)
"Lost and found. Rescued by dog. " Gail Reilly (do you have a Mr. Bailey?)
"Glass half full. Pockets half empty." Marina Guthrie
(story of my life)
"Revenge is living well without you." Joyce Carol Oates
"Well, I thought it was funny." Stephen Colbert (giggle)
What is my six word memoir? What is YOUR six word memoir?
"I'd rather be reading a book"
~Charlotte Garnatz~


Lisa Mandina said...

Well, since you already took my six word memoir, let's see if I can think one up. Hmm, Life in a book is better.

I like a lot of the ones you chose as well. I bookmarked this pageon my laptop and at my library job so I can go back and check it easier!

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

LOL Yay!! This book is our new regional push book, too. I hung a poster in the break room for everyone to write their six word memoir

Lisa Mandina said...

Yeah, I wrote my 6 word, slightly changed on your poster. Such a cool idea to do at school!

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