(54)Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win by Jo Piazza

Charlotte Walsh has left behind her high-powered career in Silicon Valley to run for the Senate in her home state of Pennsylvania.  Her husband has also given up his career at the company they started to care for their three young daughters while Charlotte is out on the campaign trail.  Charlotte knows that she has her work cut out for her, a woman has never won a higher office in Pennsylvania. She has a great team supporting her, the young genius strategist, Josh.  Her trusty assistant, and her mentor, a Washington insider.  But she had no idea how grueling it would be to run for office.  She had no idea how dirty her competitor would get in his efforts to remain in office. She had no idea the secrets that would be revealed.  She had no idea how running for office would wreak havoc on her marriage.     But Charlotte continues on, she knows that she can make a difference for the people of Pennsylvania and the country.  Ultimately, Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win.   But at what cost?

Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win was one of those books that had me engaged from page one.  Many of us are discouraged by the current political divide in our country.  Jo Piazza channels that frustration into a candidate that we can all get behind.  Even though Charlotte and Max were multi-millionaires they seemed real and down to earth.  A couple that is relatable.  I laughed out loud at their cross-country road trip. I cheered   As the campaign continued on, I felt bad for Charlotte.  She was working hard to achieve her goals and I don't think she got the support from her husband that she needed.  However, there were times that I didn't like Charlotte. Some of her decisions were very bad and she was awfully demanding with expectations that weren't necessarily fair.   I will say that I was pretty frustrated with the ending.  The good news is that the book is primed for a sequel.  - CLICK HERE FOR SPOILERS

Bottom Line - Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win was a good book, that I cannot dispute. Even though the way the author left it really ticked me off, I found myself thinking about the books and the characters long after it was over.

  • Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win by Jo Piazza
  • Publisher: Simon and Schuster
  • Publication Date: 7/24/18
  • Pages: 320
  • Buy It Here!

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