(2)The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

The Wife Between Us is a tale of two women.  There is Vanessa, the ex-wife, and there is her replacement.  You assume that you know how this story is going to go, but you would be wrong.  Vanessa seems to be unhinged and is destroyed by the thought of her ex-husband getting remarried. She drinks too much, misses too much work and gets fired.  She is desperate to stop Richard from marrying again and starts to take all sorts of steps to prevent the wedding from happening.  Like sending letters, texts, and showing up where she shouldn't be.  All in an effort to stop Richard from marrying her replacement.  Will she be successful in her endeavors or will this be the thing that finally destroys her?

The Wife Between Us is one of those twisty-turny novels that will leave you speechless.   I need to tread lightly as there is very little I can say that will not give away all of the twists. Vanessa is one of those characters that you aren't sure what to make of her.  At first, she seemed to be off her rocker, then as the authors reveal more details you realize that there is more to her story, as is the case for most of us.  I was not expecting the fact that is revealed about half-way through the book.  I actually said "Wait. What?"   The timeline jumps around, so you need to really pay attention.  The end was absolutely stunning in that jaw-dropping sort of way. - CLICK HERE FOR SPOILERS

Bottom Line - There is nothing I love more than a good psychological thriller.  While there are some themes that may seem familiar,  Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen have written such a unique thriller that you will be on the edge of your seat and be looking over your shoulder!  The Wife Between Us is on sale Tuesday, January 9th.


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Anonymous said...

I really appreciate finding your spoiler page because I did not enjoy this book. I listened to about 7 hours of the Audible version and found it really tedious and boring. BUT, I did want to know how it ended! I just wanted it over with, I guess. Anyway - thanks for saving me the last 4 hours of this awful book.

Anonymous said...

Another book about a woman desperate to please a controlling male. This book is like a really plodding and tedious 50 shades without the sex. The authors know of the fine life, but the story becomes ridiculous with all suspense saved for the final chapters. You can skip ahead. There was one decent chapter about a German Shepherd, but thst’s It!

Anonymous said...

Just finished this book for book club. Think of a nested doll...working from the center: Vanessa's out-of-wedlock baby, inside Emma(first to be impacted), Maggie(also died),next Jason(start of paranoia)surrounded by Vanessa/Nellie(internalized guilt-Emma's pink jumprope), then Kate(first victim), next, Richard, and of course the biggest outside doll, Maureen, who did her best to be sure her brother was the worst. The other featured characters are sidebars...adding but not changing the theme of lost and not found -Aunt C's eyesight, Kate's limp, Duke, and for awhile Sam's friendship. A story of how an event changes lives in ways not anticipated.

Thanks for your interesting site. One day I'm going to quit my job and take up reading full time.