(72)The Lying Game by Ruth Ware

When Isa Wilde received the text from her old friend, Kate, saying "I need you." she knows that she has to go.  Their friendship is an old one and the many secrets they share is the reason why Isa is on the first possible train to Salten.  Their friendship goes way back to when they were young teenagers attending an exclusive boarding school, Salten House when they first met.  Their friends, Fatima and Thea, also got the same text from Kate.  All those years ago the four girls were the "mean girls" at school.  They had a bond over "The Lying Game" - there were rules involved in their childish game, but ultimately they caused a lot of trouble and hurt a lot of people.  One weekend all those years ago they got a similar text from Kate and they found Kate with the body of her beloved father. They believed he had committed suicide.  Kate was so afraid that if it was found out her father had died before she turned sixteen her life would be destroyed, so the friends helped Kate to hide the body in the reach.  Kate is calling her friends back to Salten because the body has been found.    All of them have something to lose if it is found out that they hid a body.  Will they be able to get away with The Lying Game one more time?

I enjoyed everything about The Lying Game. From the characters to their boarding school, to the old mill.   The narrator is Isa Wilde, a new mother, who works for the civil service.  She is putting her job and her relationship at risk to go when Kate sent the text. There were a few times that she just grated on my nerves, specifically with her communication (or lack of) with her partner, Owen. But ultimately her regrets over her time at Salten run deep.  Kate never left Salten and the old mill that she grew up in with her father, the school's art teacher.  She isolated herself in the mill trying to keep the secrets from that night from being exposed.  Fatima and Thea also were dealing with that night in their own way.  It was clear that they both were still fighting those demons, as well.  Then there is Luc, Kate's french step-brother that was sent back to France after Kate's father went missing. His world was rocked the most because his life in France was the stuff of horror stories.   He was a volatile character and made my spidey senses tingle from the very beginning.  There were a lot of secrets revealed as the book went on and I found myself a little shocked by some of it.  --CLICK HERE FOR SPOILERS -- the book ended in really the only way it could - and I was okay with that.

Bottom line - The Lying Game was one of those novels that are full of atmosphere and intrigue.  Everything about the setting just added to the intrigue and kept the reader on the edge of their seat.  Definitely, one not to miss this year!


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