Sunday, July 9, 2017

(59)Love the Wine You'e With by Kim Gruenenfelder

Holly, Nat, and Jessie are three girlfriends who are fed up with the way their lives are going.  Nat has an amazing career but is having an affair with her married boss.  Holly is starting to feel like a washed-up actress who can't catch a break. And Jessie's boyfriend just backed out of buying a house with her and then left for an extended business trip. They have met for drinks at a wine bar that they love but is closing because the owners got a deal that was just too good to refuse.  Maybe it is the wine talking, maybe it is the fact that they are all ready for a change, but they talk about opening their own wine bar.  It doesn't take long for the talk to become a reality. Along with their new bar, there are new men that come into their lives.  An incredibly hot wine vendor, an old college friend, and a producer that once saw Holly at her worst.  The three friends have decisions to make about their romantic futures.  Will they take a chance on someone new or will they "Love the Wine You're With?"

Love the Wine You're With was a fun book to read. All three women are incredibly likable even when they make really dumb mistakes (like dating their married boss). I loved that they just went for it and opened the wine bar, even though none of them really had any experience. It was something they wanted to do - so they did it.   I also like all three of the "new" men in their lives.  They were willing to take on the friends flaws and all.  I think Joe, the producer, was my favorite, though.  He was so good to Holly that it was easy to cheer for him.  Things worked out the way they were supposed to and they all got their "happy ever after" in one way or another.

Bottom line - Love the Wine You're With is a fun, entertaining book that demands to be read with a glass of your favorite wine.  So pour your glass, kick back, and relax!



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