Monday, June 5, 2017

(48)Come Sundown by Nora Roberts

The Bodine Ranch and Resort in western Montana has been a family endeavor for many over the years and business has been booming ever since Bodine Longbow has taken the helm.  Bodine commands the respect of her employees, but she works hard and they take their cues from her. Their quiet peace is shattered when one of their bartenders is found dead in the snow.  Even though one of the cops have zeroed in on the newly returned Callen Skinner, Bodine knows that he is innocent.   Tensions in the area heat up with Bodine's long lost aunt is found wandering along a dark road.   Alice Bodine was gone for decades and many thought that she had just abandoned the family and the ranch. When in reality she was on her way home more than twenty years ago when a man kidnapped her and has kept her hostage all of these years.  The one quiet and idyllic ranch is now on edge as they try to figure out who took Alice and who is targeting the women of the ranch.  Will they be able to catch the madman before he takes what he wants again?

Come Sundown was not my favorite read of the year, but it was okay.  I thought that certain aspects of the story were fairly predictable, even for Nora Roberts.  I  thought the most engrossing part of the story was Alice - her capture, her life with Sir, and her escape.  Her reintegration into the Bodine family was handled well from a few different angles, and it was what kept me reading.  As you would expect, Bodine and Callen ended up in a steamy relationship.  Totally predictable, but that was okay.  In the end, they got the bad guy, but not before an attempt on yet another Bodine woman.   All the loose ends were tied up neatly and I appreciated it.

Bottom line - Even though I did not enjoy Come Sundown as much as I have her other recent novels, I did stick it out and read the whole book. There was mystery, intrigue, and of course those steamy scenes that have made Nora Roberts a bestselling author.  



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