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Monday, February 27, 2017

(19)Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Physics professor Jason Dessen loves his life of domestic bliss.  Even after more than fifteen years of marriage he is very much in love with his wife, Daniela, and is so proud of their teenage son. The Thursday night his world changed was a bit different.  While dinner was cooking he ran to a neighborhood bar for the celebration of an old college friend of his.  His friend just won a prestigious physics award, one that if life had been different could have been his award.  On his way home he is kidnapped and when he wakes up his life is not his own. He never married Daniela, they never had a son, and he was the world-renowned physicist who won an award. He doesn't want any of that, though - he wants his wife. He wants his son.  He wants his life back and will do anything to get it back.  Including jumping across parallel universes to find the right world he left, but what he doesn't realize is that there are multiple Jasons in multiple universes who all want the same thing - to be with Daniela and their son.

I am so surprised at how much I enjoyed Dark Matter.  It is like a cross between The Time Traveler's Wife and Inception. A mind-bending science fiction novel with some physics mumbo-jumbo (the box), but not so much that the mere mortal can't follow along.  At the heart of the book is the love story between Jason and Daniela.  Jason. the real Jason, not his clones, seems like a really good dude. His devotion to his family is not to be denied. The different worlds that Jason has to encounter before finding the right world was downright terrifying.   The way that he got Daniela's attention in the "right" world was downright brilliant.  And that is when I realized that I was loving this book.   The action really picks up towards the end of the book and it is a fast-paced, heart-pounding conclusion.   

Bottom line - Dark Matter is a brilliant novel.  I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did, but the characters and the story are so gripping it would be impossible not to love it.  I will be the first person in line to buy a ticket when this movie gets made - and I am sure it will get made.  It is just too good not to be made into a movie.