Monday, January 2, 2017

(2)Results May Vary by Bethany Chase

Caroline Hammond is an art curator at the show of an up and coming photographer.  She gets a sneak peek of his work that was too provocative for the show and is shocked to reveal that the intimate photos are of her husband, Adam, was having an affair with a man.  Caroline is beyond devastated.  Caro and Adam have been together since high school, they have been together for so long that Caroline can't imagine her life without him.  As they work through the revelation of the affair, more secrets are revealed and Caro questions whether or not she ever really knew her husband.  While he begs her forgiveness and asks to come home every time they talk, Caroline is exploring her options.  Including her colleague, the handsome widower.   Caroline has a lot of decisions to make, including the fate of her marriage.

Results May Vary was a gripping novel about a woman whose world was destroyed with just one photograph.  It is heart-wrenching how much she hurts from her husband's betrayal.  She was completely devoted to him and the author did such a great job at conveying those emotions.  I felt horrible for her.  Caro had a best friend (male) and a sister to help her get through the worst of it. But there were secrets there, too.   Ultimately Caroline had to do what was best for her and I am confident that I would have made the same decision.  I was happy with the ending in so many different ways.

Bottom line - Results May Vary was a great novel about a  woman faced with making a heartbreaking decision.  Lots of great discussion to be had with this novel - a great selection for your next book club selection.



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