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(85)Fractured by Catherine McKenzie

Julie Prentice has a stalker.  It started when she wrote a hit novel loosely based on a tragedy that happened to Julie in college.  Julie and her husband moved their twins to the suburbs of Cincinnati.  The Mount Adams neighborhood is somewhat idyllic with neighborhood block parties and monthly newsletters.  Julie and their new neighbor, John, have hit it off and meet every morning to go jogging together.  Their relationship is soon a source of contention for John and his wife, Hannah.  Several awkward misunderstandings make Julie feel uncomfortable in her new neighborhood.  And then, strange things start happening to Julie and the fear is that her stalker has found them in Ohio.  The phone calls, the notes, the "gifts" left for her are all adding to the tension of the neighborhood. Then John and his wife decide to sue Julie for one of those "awkward misunderstandings." Julie discovers that her neighbors are not as welcoming as she thought.  When tragedy strikes the neighborhood is completely fractured.  Will they ever be the neighborhood they once were?

Fractured is a riveting novel about a perfect neighborhood that is far from perfect.  The novel is told from both Julie's perspective and John's perspective, but it alternates time periods.  Starting a year ago moving forward, and then current time. When they are preparing for and testifying in front of a Grand Jury.  You don't know why they are meeting or why it involves the court, but the hints are there that it involves a tragedy.  And somebody is at fault.  That alone makes Fractured a gripping novel that keeps you eagerly turning pages.   There is also some suspicion that there never really was a stalker and that Julie is mentally unbalanced.  Even the reader starts to doubt Julie and her truths.  The author holds tightly to the truth until the last few pages of the book.   I wasn't completely shocked by the truth, but I did not figure it out before the revelation.  -- CLICK HERE FOR SPOILERS

Bottom Line - Catherine McKenzie has written an absolutely gripping novel about a neighborhood that wants to be perfect but is far from it.  The dynamics of this neighborhood will suck you in and not let go until the very last page.

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  • Pages: 349
  • Publisher: Amazon Publishing
  • Publication Date: 10/4/2016
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