Sunday, August 28, 2016

(76)First Star I See Tonight by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Investigator Piper Dove has taken on a job that has her following one of the most famous athletes of all time.   She has tried her best to keep from being spotted, but Cooper Graham does spot the poorly disguised Piper and demands to know who hired her.  Then he ends up hiring her himself.  Coop has opened a nightclub but doesn't fully trust all of his employees. He thinks Piper can bring a new perspective to his security team.   It doesn't take long for Piper to earn her salary, but that isn't why Coop wants to keep her around.  There is something about Piper that gets under Coop's skin and in the good kind of way.  Her firecracker personality and determination to do well at her job make her extremely attractive to Coop.   But the former Chicago Stars quarterback has to convince Piper that their differences are not great enough to keep them apart.  

Susan Elizabeth Phillips is one of my all-time favorite authors, not just for her exceptionally wonderful novels, but watching her social media makes her one of the coolest people to be around.  First Star I See Tonight takes us back to a familiar territory, Chicago and the world of the Chicago Stars. Piper is a strong and feisty character who is a great match for Cooper.  She grew up trying to please her dad, the hardnosed detective, and even now after her father's passed away, she still tries to live in a manner that would please him.   Cooper is a great hero - strong, compassionate, and determined to succeed.  He is always looking to keep those in his inner circle happy and safe.   They really were a good match.  There were lots of quirky side characters, like Piper's elderly neighbor, lots of laughs, and even a tear or two.  Everything I have come to expect from Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Bottom Line - First Star I See Tonight reminded me why I adore Susan Elizabeth Phillips and all of her quirky, wonderful characters.   One of my favorite authors did not disappoint!



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