Saturday, July 16, 2016

(65)I've Got Sand in All the Wrong Places by Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella

You may know Lisa Scottoline from her incredibly popular mystery novels, but she also has a funny bone.  For the last several years Lisa and her daughter Francesca have been publishing their essays in humorous collections with amusing titles.   This summer's installment is the quite entertaining, I've Got Sand in All the Wrong Places.  Lisa and Francesca take turns writing essays on all sorts of topics, such as: dating, reality television, golfing, and more.   It is their humerous outlook on such mundane topics that really make the book so entertaining.  For example, Francesca has an essay where she is talking about planning for her future:

"Think living until a hundred is optimistic?  You seriously underestimate how much kale I eat."
I laughed out loud at that line, because, if I actually ate kale, it would be something that I would say.

Or Lisa's comments in an essay titled Spaghetti and Salad:
"They say you should never talk about politics or religion.  But these days, politics is relition."
In this election year, I find that line to be a fairly astute observation.  Lines like that make me want to be either Lisa Scottoline's adopted daughter or part of her inner circle so I can listen to those words of wisdom on a regular basis.   Her observations at a wedding in an essay titled The Unofficial Wedding Party were so spot on that I laughed through the entire essay.

"The Child Star. This kid displays the attention-seeking behavior that can make for a terror in the grocery store but a superstar at a wedding reception."
Haven't we all attended a wedding reception where there was a kid cutting up the dance floor?

There is also some less than funny essays, like when Francesca was mugged on the streets of New York City.  But, even with such a serious topic, there is a hint of humor.

Bottom line - I have always said that authors are like my rockstars.  I love to hear that their lives are so normal that they do things like watch The Bachelor or live in fleece pants.  I've Got Sand in All the Wrong Places is so smartly written with a level of wit that is guaranteed to make you laugh.  Pick it up for the beach bag, you won't be disappointed.



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