(60)All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

Nicolette Farrell has to head back to her hometown of Cooley Ridge, North Carolina for the summer.   Her father has been in a nursing home for the last year and Nic and her brother, Daniel, need to sell their  childhood home in order to keep him in the nursing home.  Nic has been apprehensive about going home for the last ten years, ever since her best friend went missing, but she has to go because it is her father.  And he needs her.  Nic isn't in town long when another girl goes missing, the same girl who was her alibi when Corinne went missing all those years ago.  She is terrified when the police start to question her father, who has dangerous moments of lucidity.  Nic knows that she is putting her future in jeopardy by introducing her fiance, Everett, to her past, but she needs his skills as a lawyer to keep her father safe.    Will they be able to find out what happened to both Corinne and Annaleise, before Nicolette's entire  world falls apart?

All the Missing Girls is one of those books that is going to rock your world.   The author dares to do something unique and tells the story backward.  The first chapter you get to meet Nic as she is closing up her apartment and heading out to Cooley Ridge. She seems fairly normal, is a counselor in Philly with a great apartment and a handsome, successful fiance.   The story then moves ahead to "Day 15" when she is exhausted and weary and then the story works backwards.  Her interactions with her brother, Daniel.  Her suspicions that somebody has been in the house,  Everett arriving, all of it is told backwards.  It took a few "days" to adjust to the timeline, but then you realize that the excitement happened in the first day and that is why Nic has been so stressed out pretty much the whole book.  Nic and her brother don't really have a close relationship, but given the events in their past, they both lead pretty normal lives.  Of course there is an ex-boyfriend in Cooley Ridge and he adds some strife to the story, but the unique telling of the story keeps you guessing exactly what their relationship is like now.  Everything is leading up to one hell of a revelation.   It is truly one of those "mind blown" moments.   CLICK HERE FOR SPOILERS

Bottom line - it takes guts for an author to be so creative with the timeline of a book. I give Megan Miranda props for taking such a unique path to telling her story.  All the Missing Girls is a fast paced thriller that will shock you no matter if the story is told backwards or not. Definitely not to be missed if you love a good mystery.


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