Tuesday, June 28, 2016

(57)Sunshine Beach by Wendy Wax

The women from Ten Beach Road  are back and looking for their next renovation for their hit show, Do Over. Kyra is out for a walk when she stumbles across an old abandoned beach-front motel.  To say the building is decrepit is an understatement, but Kyra sees the potential for their next renovation and brings the others on board rather quickly.  They soon discover that the motel has a sinister history that the owners, two sisters, would like to keep in the past.  Meanwhile all of the women are distracted with issues bigger than their reality show.  Like Nikki and the fact that her brother has been making threatening phone calls to her from his jail cell.  Maddie is so wrapped up in her new boyfriend that she barely realizes when Kyra moves her ex-husband into the pool-house and Avery is still reeling from her mother's death.  Producer's are breathing down their neck for a quality renovation idea and it is clear that their show's future is on the line. The women are desperate for a "win", but at what cost?  Will they be able to convince the owners to let them proceed?  Or will their careers as reality television stars come to a screeching halt.

I obviously have missed a few books in the Ten Beach Road series, but Wendy Wax does a great job of bringing me up to speed.   It was great to catch up with these old friends.  I don't think that I had a favorite character with this book.   I loved the way Kyra stumbled across this old motel practically hidden on the beach.  I also loved the way Maddie behaved when her ex came knocking on their door.  He was expecting her to fall into her old habits of taking care of him, but she didn't.  It also was a bit of an eye opener to Kyra and helped her understand her mother just a little bit more.  The motel is it's own characters with a history that will shock you a bit when fully revealed, but the mystery and intrigue surrounding the hotel adds a little something "more" to the story.  

Bottom line - I have read a lot of Wendy Wax over the last year and I have really come to enjoy her quiet style of "girl power" fiction.  Her characters are strong and engaging, despite whatever challenges they may face.   If you haven't read her books you simply must.



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