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Sunday, May 8, 2016

(42)Redemption Road by John Hart

After thirteen years former police officer, Adrian Wall, is getting out of prison.  He was in prison for a crime he didn't commit, but he is shocked to discover the teenage son of the woman he is accused of killing is waiting for him with a gun.

Detective Elizabeth Black is currently suspended pending investigation for shooting two kidnappers eighteen times. The young woman she rescued has seemed to have bonded with her in a way that can only happen after surviving a traumatic experience. Liz's partner, Beckett,  is sure there is more to the story than Liz is telling and the haunted look in both of their eyes indicates that he is right.

A young woman is found brutally murdered on the alter of an old, abandoned church.  The same church Liz attended regularly as the daughter of the preacher.  The small North Carolina city is an edge with certainty that Adrian Wall had something to do with her death.  Much like thirteen years ago, Liz is sure that he is innocent.  But somebody in their community is a murderer.  Will they be able to find out who before it is too late?

In pure brilliant fashion, John Hart, has created a masterpiece with Redemption Road. There is so much going on in this little town that it is almost hard to keep up.  There is a serial killer on the loose, maniac rapists, rampant drug abuse, and more.  Elizabeth Black is a wonderful heroine.  She reluctantly collects lost souls like others collect trinkets.  They cling to the strength that she projects.  Gideon, the son of the woman that Adrian was accused of killing.  And now Channing, the young woman she rescued from the basement.  John Hart uses his words to paint a descriptive picture of this small, southern town brimming with a brutality usually reserved for urban areas.  Her residents all vying for redemption as if it were a contest only won by few.   Lines like, "The soft, warm day ate her alive."  make it very clear that the author has a very unique gift.    I thought I had things figured out, but Hart would then leave me questioning my suspicions with his crazy twists.  In the end, I was right, but it takes some emotionally draining chapters for all to be revealed.

Bottom line, I have been waiting for a new John Hart novel for a long time.  The wait for Redemption Road was well worth it.



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The book description gives a sufficient synopsis of the general story, so I won't regurgitate that; it is, however, the author's prodigious talent that sets this book heads above most all the other offerings in this genre. Highest recommendation.