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Monday, March 7, 2016

(23)Madam President by Nicolle Wallace

In Madam President we catch up again with President Charlotte Kramer on the day that she has agreed to let a popular morning news team to follow her around for a "Day in the Life" segment.  Her life has been on a pretty even keel, well as much as possible for the President of the United States.   Charlotte and Peter are back together and the twins are off at college.  But the serenity of an ordinary day is shattered when the country suffers five simultaneous terrorist attacks.  The attacks hit close to home for the White House Staff when one of their own is among the casualties.  President Kramer is rocked to her core as she tries to hold the country together and get through the horrific day.  As the day drags on Dale, Melanie, and Charlotte are all forced to evaluate the things that are most important to them.  Will Madam President be able to step up and be the leader the country needs at a time of extreme crisis?

It was comforting to catch up with familiar characters in Madam President.  I really enjoyed Eighteen Acres and was less thrilled with It's Classified, but found myself absolutely mesmerized by Madam President.  One of things about this book was the emotion it evoked in me.  It was easy for me to recall all of the emotions from 9/11 and transfer them to this book.  Obviously it was fiction, but the emotions were real. Seeing some of the behind the scenes stuff during a national crisis was also fascinating.  I am sure most of it was fictional, but I am sure there is a kernel of truth in there somewhere.  But, I was a bit freaked out because one of the terrorist attacks happened on a cruise ship in the Miami harbor. Um, not fun to read while you are on a cruise ship.    The end was quite satisfying, too.  I think the author was fair to her characters and their needs and wrapped things up in a satisfying manner.

Bottom line - Madame President was a great read.  Equal parts heartbreaking, enthralling, and suspenseful.  Definitely worth the read, but don't worry if you haven't read the other two books.  The author does a great job on catching you up on the character's backstory.