Saturday, February 13, 2016

(15)Find Her by Lisa Gardner

It has been five years since Flora Dane was rescued from her captor.  She had been held captive for 472 days, most of which she was locked in a pine box.  Her time with Jacob Ness qualifies as a complete nightmare, but Flora is a survivor. She makes being a survivor practically a full time job.   But not in the way that you may think.  Flora has taken multiple self-defense classes and is now extremely skilled in the art of defense.  She even seeks out dangerous men that she thinks are intent on harming vulnerable women.  That is when we meet Flora.  She was at the bar dancing with a fairly normal man.  It seems harmless, but Flora is on a mission to find a missing women.  But the next thing she knows she is waking up as a captive in different man's garage.  Using the survival skills that she has perfected she finds materials in the garage to kill Devon Goulding.  That is when Detective D.D. Warren enters the picture.  They find evidence in Goulding's house that he has done this before, but is not sure how he connects with the missing woman Flora was trying to find.  Warren and her team are only a day into the investigation when Flora goes missing again.  That is now four missing women and D.D. and her team know that they are racing a clock.  Will they be able to find out who was working with Goulding before it is too late for Flora and the other missing women?

Find Her is one of those gritty novels that some may find hard to stomach.  The things that Flora had to do as a captive of Jacob Ness are repelling. But the author flashes back to that time to help us understand why Flora is the way she is today.  The author frequently goes back and forth between the past and the present.  You get inside of Flora's head and you realize just how damaged she is because of Jacob Ness.  The things he made her do and the things he made her witness would have damaged anybody.  You can't fault her for any of her behaviors since being rescued, in fact you have to admire Flora. DeDe Warren is just as wonderful as ever, even though I felt as if she were the secondary character in Find Her.  I had suspicions all along about who was really behind her most recent kidnapping, but I was way wrong.  I love it when an author can surprise me.

Bottom line - Find Her was a perfectly dark novel.  It was gritty and dark and completely suspenseful.  So the perfect book to follow up all of the "girl power."



SK Bell said...

This sounds so good!! Is this a sequel or are the flashbacks just part of one single story?

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

It is not a sequel in the true sense of the meaning. Flora's story is new, but Detective Warren is a main character that is part of a series. It is not necessary to read in any particular order.

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