Thursday, January 14, 2016

(6)The Good Neighbor by A.J Banner

Sarah feels like she is living an idyllic life.  She is married to the handsome doctor, Johnny McDonald, she has a successful career as a children's book author, and they live in a quaint home in the perfect neighborhood. Until the night the perfect life is shattered.  Johnny is out of town at a convention when Sarah's sleep is disturbed by something and when she awakens she discovers that the house next door is on fire.  She can hear four year old Mia crying in her room.   Sarah doesn't hesitate and she rushes into a burning building to save the little girl.  The fire jumps to their house and soon Johnny and Sarah have lost everything.   That is when doubt sets in.  Why didn't Johnny answer his phone the night of the fire?  Why was she sneaking out of their rental house in the middle of the night?  Why was he sending flowers to their new neighbor?  Sarah has always been a bit paranoid about infidelity, but now the evidence points to the fact that Johnny has been cheating on her.  What is Sarah going to do?  And did his possible cheating have anything to do with the fire that killed their neighbors?

The Good Neighbor was fairly short by audio-book standards. And that is probably a good thing, because I am not sure that I would have stuck with it if it was much longer. As much as I wanted to like Sarah, I found her a bit needy.  And that is even after she saved a little girl. She was a hero, but I found her annoying.  Johnny wasn't really that much better.  He didn't seem connected to Sarah at all.  Little Mia was an adorable character and there was even a twist with her character.   Mia's twist wasn't really all that surprising and frankly, neither was the "whodunit" aspect of the book.  Predictable all the way around.

Bottom line - The Good Neighbor was a bit disappointing in it's predictability.  I love a good suspense novel, but not one I can figure out in the early chapters.



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