Monday, December 28, 2015

(90)Anything For You by Kristan Higgins

Jessica Dunn has one mission in life - to keep her mentally challenged brother, Davey, happy and healthy. Jessica is proud that they survived their childhood with alcoholic, neglectful parents and she is working hard to give them the security they have never known.  She has been dating local pub owner, Connor O'Rourke, but has to keep their relationship a secret because Davey hates him and just the mere mention of Connor triggers a meltdown.

Connor O'Rourke has had a thing for Jessica Dunn ever since they were kids. He doesn't care about her racy past, he doesn't care about her drunk parents, he just cares about her.  Their relationship has had ups and downs, but Connor thinks that their "downs" will even out on their own and he proposes to her anyway.  Connor never took into account that Davey's happiness is everything to Jessica and her "no" devastates him.  He tries to lower his expectations and take whatever relationship Jess is willing to give him, but is it enough?

Anything For You takes us back to Manningsport and we get to catch up with old friends. Jess and Connor's story is a bit unique because they come from opposite sides of the "track".  Jessica had a rough time growing up and has pulled herself up by her bootstraps.  Her devotion to Davey is quite commendable, but I could understand Connor's frustrations with the way she practically martyrs herself for him.  I thought having their father come back to town was an interesting twist.  I liked the way that story-line played out, it tugged at my heart strings.  In the end things worked out the way they were supposed to in true Kristan Higgins fashion.

Bottom line - Anything For You is another foray into the magical world of Manningsport, New York.  Connor and Jess's story is a sweet, quick read about a couple that was meant to be together.



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