Wednesday, December 9, 2015

(85)Finding Jake by Bryan Reardon

Simon Connolly is a Stay-At-Home-Dad going about his ordinary day when he receives a text from his kid's school. There has been a shooting and then provides a location for parents to go to get more information.  Soon Simon's wife, Rachel, meets him at the church.  Then their daughter walks in to the church - shaken and scared. As kid after kid arrives at the church into the arms of their waiting parents, Simon anxiously keeps looking for his son, Jake.  As the agonizing afternoon passes the whispers start and then the police are standing before him asking questions. Thirteen kids are dead and Jake's blood was found on a door one of the gunmen was had run through, but Jake is nowhere to be found.  The police believe that Jake was working with the other gunman and soon even Simon is questioning his son's innocence.  The race is on and Simon will stop at nothing to find Jake.

Finding Jake is the story of one parent's nightmare.  Simon wants to believe his son's innocence, but the building evidence is quite damning.  Rachel is furious in Simon's wavering support and just wants her baby to come home.  The police, the reporters, the angry parents and the stress of it all is taking a toll on their relationship in just a few short days.  The book is told in alternating time periods, present and at different intervals in Jake's life.  It gives the reader a chance to really get to know Simon, Jake and the whole family.  The author gives the reader just enough information for you to draw your own conclusion, but when the truth is revealed there is no way it is going to be a happy ending. You just don't know which bad road you are going to go down.   That is what makes Finding Jake so thrilling.  The story is racing to a conclusion like a runaway train towards a cliff, and you will find your pulse racing and heart pounding.

Bottom line - Finding Jake is the kind of book that may give you nightmares, but it is sure going to make for a great discussion at your next book club meeting.

  • Finding Jake by Bryan Reardon
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  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • Publication Date: 11/17/2015 (Paperback)
  • Pages: 288
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