Sunday, November 29, 2015

For the love of reading...

Just ask my eye doctor.  Yesterday he told me I needed bifocals.

I am 40.

Does anybody have any experience with Progressive lenses? 


Mimi said...

I just got my pair Tuesday. There is definitely a learning curve

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

Oh good! Glad I am not alone, but I am a little worried about the learning curve.

Somerset Wedding Girl said...

I do, they can certainly sound a bit scary but they're not too bad once you get used to them!

Lynne said...

I just got mine about two weeks ago. I was so tired of doing the take glasses on and off thing. So I was actually excited to get them. The best piece of advice for me was the employee at the glasses store (an older gentleman) said, when you get them, give them a fair chance. Keep them on and let yourself get used to them. He said many people just keep doing the glasses on and off thing and never really get used to them. All that said, it has been great! I love being able to read so easily! But then keep the same glasses for middle computer work and long driving distance. Good luck to you!

Charlotte's Web of Books said...

I am a few weeks into wearing my bifocals and the headaches are gone. It was brutal, but one day last week I realized that I hadn't had a headache in a few days and it was the most joyous realization!

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