Tuesday, May 26, 2015

(41)Things You Won't Say by Sarah Pekkanen

As a cop's wife Jamie Anderson knows that every time her husband, Mike, leaves for work there is a chance that he won't come home.  She got the call that saying there had been a shooting, but it was Mike's long time partner, Ritchie, that was critically wounded. That day changed everything.  Mike was becomes distracted, restless, and unable to sleep.  The next time Jamie gets a phone call they tell her there is another shooting at this time Mike shot and killed a teen boy. Their life is turned completely upside down.  The media camps out in front of their house, Mike is indicted, and he is spending more and more time with the mother of his teenage son, Henry.  Jamie is at a loss to how she can help Mike and slowly feels as if their marriage drifting away.  What will happen to their family if Mike goes to jail? Jamie is trying to hold on but she fears she will lose it all.

Things You Won't Say goes there.  Sarah Pekkanen takes on a very relevant topic facing our country today.  A cop shoots and kills a young teen.  The whole city is in an uproar and at the heart of it all is a mother trying to keep her life from falling completely apart.  Then there is Christie,  Mike's ex and Henry's mother.  There is years of animosity (unjust at times) between Christie and Jamie and that comes into play many times throughout the book. But they both love Henry and that is obvious.  I can't pretend to imagine what it was like for Mike to take a young life, but to not have his wife's unwavering trust must have been devastating.  While I thought he behaved like an ass several times,  I think I can understand why.  Lots of food for thought with this one!

Bottom line - Things You Won't Say takes a look at the other side of the story that has been dominating headlines for the last year or so.  What happens to the cop accused of shooting and killing an unarmed teen?  You won't be able to put it down, that I can promise.



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