Sunday, May 17, 2015

(37)The Sound of Glass by Karen White

It has been two years since Merritt's husband Cal was killed while on duty as a firefighter. She has spent those two years trying to come to grips with the state of their marriage when he died.  Then one day Merritt gets a call, Cal's grandmother just passed away leaving Cal the family home in Beaufort, South Carolina.  Desperate for new memories, Merritt packs up and moves from Maine to Beaufort hoping to put the past behind her.  What she finds in Beaufort is a whole side of Cal that she never knew existed.  Merritt is not in Beaufort for very long when someone from her past shows up, her Step-Mother Loralee and her ten year old brother, Owen.  Merritt was destroyed when her father went off and got married to the young flight attended - pretty much leaving Merritt in the dust.  She wants nothing to do with Loralee and Owen, but they have nowhere else to go. They spend the summer getting to know each other and trying navigate the hurts of the past.  Something is going on though and Merritt thinks that Loralee is keeping something from her, but what?  And what kind of impact will that secret have on Merritt's life?

I had a really hard time getting into The Sound of Glass, but once I got into it - I was hooked.  The book is told from alternating perspectives.  Merritt's, Loralee's, and Edith's, Cal's late grandmother.  Watching Merritt and Loralee in those early chapters was almost like watching a dance. Merritt was much more cautious and unwilling to let her in, but Loralee was persistent and not willing to back down.  I did figure out (rather early) the secret that Loralee was keeping, but it didn't really ruin anything.  Another part I enjoyed was watching Merritt get to know Cal's brother Gibbes.  While she was married she  didn't even know Cal had a younger brother, but she got to learn a lot about the man she married from his younger brother.  And it explained a lot of her unrest about their marriage.

Bottom line - Even though The Sound of Glass was hard for me to get interested in, I am glad I stuck with it and was pleased with the end.   Might be worth a toss into the beach bag if you have plenty time to allow yourself to get into it.



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