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Monday, May 4, 2015

(35)I Regret Nothing by Jen Lancaster

Author Jen Lancaster has made a living writing memoir after memoir about her quest for self-improvement in one way shape or form.  From trying to lose weight to channeling Martha Stewart Jen has regaled her readers with hilarious tales of mistakes and mishaps.   With good reason her books always make an appearance on the New York Times Bestseller.  Now Jen has hit middle age with the astonishing revelation that she still has life to live, but with every ache and creak she realizes that time is running out.  She has things she has always wanted to do and creates a "Bucket List" that is sure to garner a laugh or two.   From getting a passport (on my bucket list, too)  to getting a tattoo removed (not on my bucket list) Jen has things that she wants to accomplish before it is too late.

I know with complete certainty that Jen Lancaster leads a much more interesting (and hysterical life) than me.  Anybody who can write lines like "Sometimes compromise tastes like caramel macchiato." and " French person actually wants to hear their gorgeous language come out of my cheeseburger hole..." is someone who has more talent in their pinkie finger than I have in my entire body.  As always I found myself laughing out loud -  my favorite part was when Fletch "Tom Sawyered" Jen into an entire wardrobe while in Italy.   After she warned him to not "pack like a jackass" he shows up in Italy with a Breaking Bad t-shirt and other inappropriate pieces of clothing.  I was laughing so hard I woke my husband up.

Bottom line - I Regret Nothing is everything you have come to expect from the always hysterical Jen Lancaster.  Funny, introspective, and dare I say even a bit wise?  Definitely worth the read!




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