Wednesday, February 11, 2015

(13)The Secrets of Midwives by Sally Hepworth

Neva Bradley is a third generation midwife.  She has been attending childbirths ever since she was a young girl and "caught" her first baby when she was fourteen.  It was no surprise to her mother, Grace or her grandmother, Floss that she was going to go into the family business.  Neva works at the local hospital's Birthing Center helping the next generation of women give birth. But it is her own pregnancy that is the topic of conversation among the hospital staff and her own family.  Neva made it 30 weeks into her pregnancy before her family found out that she was pregnant and now she refuses to tell anyone who is the father of her baby.  Grace cannot honor Neva's wishes for privacy and is determined to find out the truth, meanwhile her own career is in jeopardy after a bitter doctor reported her to the Board of Nursing.    As Floss sits back and watches from a distance she is afraid that it might be time to tell Grace and Neva her own secret, one that she vowed never to tell.  Will the three midwives keep their secrets or reveal them to each other?  And what will happen of their secrets are revealed?

The Secrets of Midwives was a fast read.  The chapters are told in alternating voices of the three women, mostly from Neva's view point, in that way that reminded me of Diane Chamberlain.  I loved how Neva was trying to be independent by not telling her family about her pregnancy, yet she was tied to them in such a way that it was obvious secrets are always revealed.  I loved Neva's relationship with the handsome pediatrician, Patrick.  I had hoped that the two of them would end up together, but when Neva finally does reveal the father of her baby, it was a blow to their relationship. I think it was Floss's secret that was most shocking and caused the biggest blow to the family, but it was also eating her alive.  I was pleased with the way things ended, nicely wrapped up with that "happy ever after" feeling.

Bottom line, The Secrets of Midwives is a heartwarming generational tale about a family that sticks together.  Readers are going to relate to either Neva, Grace, or Floss.  Or maybe all three - and that definitely makes this a book worth reading.



Mimi said...

Oh that looks good, thank you

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