Monday, January 26, 2015

(6)First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen

In First Frost Sarah Addison Allen takes us back to the magical world of Bascom, North Carolina.  The Waverley's are eagerly awaiting the First Frost and the blossom of that magical apple tree in the backyard.  Claire is working her magic through her baking, Sydney is working her magic through her salon and trying to keep her teenage daughter, Bay, from falling for the wrong boy.  Together they are all leading the life that they were meant to lead.  Life is grand until an elderly man makes an appearance in Bascom that threatens the security of the Waverley family.  Will they be able to get past his threats or will their family crumble?

In Bascom, North Calorina, Sarah Addison Allen has created one of those magical places that just sucks you away from the world you live in.  The Waverely family has those magical, mystical qualities that just make life seem.... enchanting.   It was great to catch up with the characters we first met way back in Garden Spells.  It was also great to see that the Waverley magic has carried on into the next generation.  Bay and Mariah both have skills that carry on the family tradition.    In the end, everything works out just like you would expect for the Waverely family, but it leaves you sad to say good-bye.

Bottom line, Sarah Addison Allen knows how to create an enchanting world that has you longing to visit.  First Frost is another installment in that magical world.  Perfect for an afternoon escape.



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