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Saturday, January 3, 2015

(1)The Wicked Girls by Alex Marwood

In 1986 Annabelle and Jade were just eleven years old on the hot summer day that Chloe died and they were convicted of the crime.  After serving time in juvie they were both released with new names and a condition of their probation is to never, ever see each other again.    They have adhered to those regulations for over twenty years.  Annabelle is now Amber Gordon, a supervisor at the Funland amusement park and Jade is now Kristy Lindsay, a married reporter with two children. Their worlds intersect when a woman is found murdered at Funland. For Kristy and Annabelle seeing each other brings up a myriad of emotions, including fear about having their past revealed.  When another body turns up the two women try to stay far apart from each other, but they keep getting thrown together while Britain's Southern Coast is terrorized by a murderer.   Will they be able to keep their past a secret?  And will the murderer be caught before anyone else dies?

The Wicked Girls was the best kind of book to listen to on audiobook.  Because it is set on the Southern Coast of England, the narrator has that delicious British accent.  I loved how the book flashes back to that summer in 1986.  As Annabelle and Jade's story unfolds it gives you an understanding for who Kristy and Amber are today.  Even though Amber and Kristy were so different I found myself liking both women.  I found myself empathizing with them even more once the truth of what happened that summer is revealed.   It is easy for society as a whole to jump to conclusions and assume the worst of anybody, but there is always a more to the story. Always.   I wouldn't say that The Wicked Girls had a happy ending, but it was an ending that I could live with, even if it did make me a bit sad.

Bottom line, The Wicked Girls is one of those mysteries that is layered with mystery, suspense, and intrigue.   You will find yourself lost as much in the story of Jade and Annabelle as you will in the story of Amber and Kristy.  So worth the read and you can find it in the Bargain Section for just $2.99!