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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

(51)Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews

Save the Date

Pages: 448

Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date: June 3, 2014

Cara Kryzik is fighting the odds, trying to be the little florist "that could" in Savannah.  She knows that all it will take is to land one of the big society weddings and her business will take off.  She desperately needs to land this wedding, her dad is calling in her loan, her equipment is falling apart, she just found out that her landlord is selling her building, and some guy just stole her dog.  To the competing florist in town.  Everything is crashing in around her, but she knows she is just one gig away from being able to breathe.   In the meantime, she handles all of the other weddings with as much care as she would the "big" one.  She enjoys working with the brides and seeing them so happy on their big day, but the thought of what will happen if he does not land the big wedding looms in her mind.  Will she get the gig and keep her life in Savannah?  And will that guy ever give her dog back?

Mary Kay Andrews is one of those authors who is synonymous with summer in my mind.  I always love reading her books with their strong characters, horrible exes, and budding relationships. And of course there is always the summer theme weaved throughout.  This year it is weddings.  Who hasn't been to a wedding in summer?   Not only did I enjoy watching Cara's relationship with Jack, but her friendship with Bert had some ups and downs that kept things interesting.  There were a few times where I even found myself getting angry on Cara's behalf, between the competition and her ex I wanted to smack a few people for her.  But in the end, as always, things work out and you are left with a happy feeling in your heart. 

Bottom line, Save the Date is a fun summer read about a popular summer event.  Weddings.  With some behind the scenes insights and great characters you get a fun read to throw in the beach bag.  Enjoy!