Monday, June 2, 2014

(49)The Never Never Sisters by L. Allison Heller

The Never Never Sisters

Pages: 352

Publisher: Penguin Group
Publication Date: June 3, 2014

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Paige Reinhardt had big plans for their summer.  She eased up her workload as a marriage counselor and rented a house in the Hamptons for her and her husband, Dave.  But things don't go as planned.  Dave is suspended from his job as a partner at a high power NYC law firm and he won't be honest with Paige why he was suspended.  And then after nearly two decades of silence, Paige's estranged sister, Sloane is in town for a visit and Paige knows that the summer she longed for will never happen. Between her gut feeling that her husband has been lying to her and the family dynamics that shift with Sloane's return, Paige just hopes to make it through the summer with her mind and heart in one piece. Will it happen or will everything fall apart?

The Never Never Sisters is kind of like the anti-beach read.  In most "Beach Read" books the book is set at the beach or (summer home) with lazy days and never-ending relaxation.  That is what Paige hoped for at the beginning of the summer, but soon it was clear that this summer was going to be full of stress and anxiety.  And maybe the end of her marriage. Almost from the beginning I didn't like Dave, there was just something about him that just made my spidey senses tingle.  Paige's relationship with Sloane was an interesting one.  Very early it becomes clear that a lot of Paige's memories from that time were crafted by her mother and it took nearly two decades for Paige to realize how dangerous that can be.  I enjoyed seeing their relationship bloom and I loved the way Sloane and her fiance was part of the reason Paige really examined her own marriage.  Paige desperately wanted to cling to the thought that her marriage was just fine and I am glad her sister was there to help her when she discovered it wasn't fine at all.  That is what sisters are for, right?

Bottom line, even though The Never Never Sisters is an "anti-beach read" it is still a great book to take on vacation with you.  You will find yourself caught up in all of Paige's drama, but at the same time your heart will get those warm fuzzies as you watch her relationship with Sloane blossom into the kind of relationship sisters are supposed to have.  Definitely a good read to pass away the summer days.


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