Wednesday, November 20, 2013

(92)Christmas at the Beach by Wendy Wax

Christmas at the Beach

Publication Date: October 15, 2013
Pages: 52

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The ladies from Ten Beach Road are back and it is Christmastime at the beach.  The ladies are anticipating the next project for their hit reality show, but the news that Ten Beach Road has sold has left them all a little down in the dumps.  Even though we get to catch up with all of the girls, Christmas at the Beach is told from the perspective of Kyra, Madeline's daughter. Kyra is a young, single mother trying to avoid the paparazzi that follow her every mood.   Will the ladies be able to enjoy Christmas at the beach before they have to be gone for good?  Or will the paparazzi ruin it for all of them?

Christmas at the Beach was just a quick little novella to help get yo in the holiday mood.   Even though it was so short, these characters are familiar to me and many of you, so there wasn't a lot of character development needed.

Bottom line, Christmas at the Beach was quick, festive, and set up a sequel for coming books in the series.  If you are looking for a read to put you in the holiday mood, give it a shot.  At $2.99 you can't go wrong, right?


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