Saturday, November 16, 2013

(90)Don't Want to Miss A Thing by Jill Mansell

Don't Want to Miss A Thing

Pages: 432
Publication Date: November 5, 2013

Playboy Dexter Yates is thrilled when his sister makes him an uncle.  He never thought he could be so enamored with a baby, but young Delphi certainly has him wrapped around her little finger.  Tragedy strikes and leaves Delphi all alone after some consideration Dex decides to take on the role of her guardian.  To say it is life changing is a great understatement.   When Dex decides to take Delphi and move to the quaint little village of Briarwood he discovers that it really does "take a village" and it starts with his beautiful next door neighbor, Molly.

Artist Molly Hayes loves living in Briarwood.  It is the kind of village where everyone knows everyone and they are there for their neighbors when there is a need.  Molly can spot the "playboy" in Dex the very first time she meets him.  She has her doubts that he can really make a go of it with Delphi, but soon she is enamored with both Dex and Delphi.   Molly is not willing to let herself fall for a playboy, but what happens when the "playboy" part of Dex starts disappearing?  Will Dex ever see her for more than just a free babysitter?  Will she ever admit her feelings?

One of the things I love about Jill Mansell novels is all of the subplots that are going on in the background.  They truly paint a whole picture of the main characters and those that surround them in the story.  In Don't Want to Miss A Thing we get to know several of the villagers.  Frankie, Lois, Joe, and Stephen to just name a few. They all have secrets, desires, and dreams.   The way they connect with each other and Dex and Molly really make this novel so charming.  There are so many different stories I could tell about the residents of Briarwood, but  I won't.  Just know that they all could stand alone as the stars in their own stories.

Bottom line, I have been enjoying Jill Mansell novels for many years and I always look forward to her next book.  They are fresh and funny and heartwarming and always so full of charm.  If you are looking for a little "feel good" type of novel then you must pick up Don't Want to Miss A Thing.


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