Wednesday, October 2, 2013

(80)Leaving Haven by Kathleen McCleary

Leaving Haven

Pages: 352
Publication Date: October 1, 2013

Alice and Georgia have been best friends for many, many years.  They have daughters around the same age and they enjoy watching their daughters grow up so close.  Even though she seems to have it all, Georgia can't help but feeling that her family is incomplete.  No matter what they do, Georgia just can't seem to get (or stay) pregnant again.  Alice decides to help her friend in a very generous way and donates an egg to help her have that baby.    Through it all, Alice is there for her friend, but as the pregnancy is coming to an end Georgia discovers a shocking secret that rocks her entire world and changes everything in her life.   Will this baby be the blessing she had been hoping for or will this baby destroy everything that Georgia holds dear?

Leaving Haven is a really good novel.  I found myself sucked into the dynamics of the various friendships.   I enjoyed reading about the deep friendship between Georgia and Alice, the ease with which their friends ebbs and flows, it was genuine and real.  Well until it wasn't.  What happened (being careful with spoilers) really touched me and the author did a really good job conveying Georgia's emotions.   I also found myself getting really ticked off at a certain male figure in the novel.  He was so selfish and so thoughtless, yet he was still loved by those who shouldn't love him anymore.  I don't get it.

Bottom line,  I had to be a little light on my review because I don't want to give anything away.  Leaving Haven was a great novel about relationships with those we love the most.  Love, betrayal, forgiveness, redemption, all touched upon. The book does come with a readers guide, so it would make a great selection for your next book club.


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