Saturday, September 7, 2013

(76)The Good Wife by Jane Porter

The Good Wife

Pages: 432
Publication Date: September 3, 2013

The third book in the Brennan Sister's series is centered around the baby of the family, Sarah.  Sarah and the kids are back in California for a family funeral and even though she is glad to be surrounded by family, but she desperately misses her husband, Boone Walker.

Sarah and the kids are staying with her sister Meg to help their father adjust to his "new normal" and things are going as good as can be expected until the police show up at the door.  Jack, Meg's husband, was killed in a car accident sending the Brennan family further into chaos.  Sarah, especially, she lets her feelings manifest into concern over husband's fidelity.  You see, Boone is a professional baseball player who did cheat on Sarah three years ago.  They have been trying to rebuild their marriage, but it is hard when temptation always surrounds Boone and Sarah just won't let the past go. Their marriage is on the verge of collapse and Sarah is hanging on by a thread.  Things come to a head when Boone gets picked up by the Oakland A's and they move back to the Bay area.  Will the move be the final nail in the coffin that is their marriage or will Boone and Sarah be able reconcile and finally put the past in the past?

It was great to see the Brennan family again and to catch up on their lives.  Especially Kit and Meg, since the last two books were about them. In The Good Wife .  The author introduces us to Lauren and her sister when they cater Jack's funeral and they remain a central part of the plot throughout the entire story.  At first I wan't sure why the author had brought these women into the Brennan family story, but soon the reason reveals itself.  I found myself flying through the pages of this book, so interested in finding out what happens to Boone and Sarah, and even Lauren.   The only thing I wish the author had done was given us more about what happened with Meg after Jack's death. It would be interesting to see if another book shows up with the conclusion of Meg's story.

Bottom line, if you have read the first two books then you must read The Good Wife, it was like catching up with old friends.  Fun, quick read and a great story, where could you go wrong?


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