Wednesday, August 28, 2013

(71)Ladies Night by Mary Kay Andrews

Ladies' Night 

Publication Date: 6/4/2013
Pages: 400

Grace Stanton is enjoying life right now.  She is a very popular lifestyle blogger which allows her to share her beautiful home and yummy recipes with thousands of readers.  Her amazing husband supports her in every way and the two of them are going to start trying to start their family very soon.  Until the night that Grace can't sleep, goes in search of her husband and finds him in a very compromising position with her assistant, Jamie.  Things spiral out of control and it is not one of Grace's most graceful moments when she drives his prized Audi into their swimming pool.  The judge sides with her ex and denies her access to her blog, denies her access to her home, and orders her to attend a weekly "divorce recovery group".

It is at the weekly "divorce recovery" group meetings that Grace meets a great group of ladies.  Their weekly "after group" sessions at Grace's mom's bar help them start the healing process and even Wyatt, the lone man in the group, starts to find some usefulness to Ladies' Night. It is at Ladies' Night that they start to piece it all together and realize that they have more in common than just getting divorced.  They hall had the same judge in their divorce cases.  Why did the Judge sentence them all to divorce recovery and why did he demand that they use the same group leader?  While Grace is helping one of the other ladies in the group get to the bottom of the shady judge, she also finds herself spending more time with the handsome Wyatt.  He seems like the perfect guy for her, but will the baggage they both carry prevent them from moving forward?

Mary Kay Andrews is another one of those great "Summertime" authors.  Her slow, Southern novels always have that "vacation" feel.  Even when they are about a group of women with shitty husbands. I really liked Grace and I really like Wyatt and the rest of the group, but I found myself getting very frustrated for Grace when her ex and the floozy were trying to sabotage her new blog. As a blogger myself, I know there are ways to prevent that kind of sabotage and it frustrated me to see how long it took Grace to catch on to those tricks.  Even with those minor frustrations, I found Ladies' Nights to be a fun way to pass the time while on the treadmill. Grace is a great character and I found it sweet the way she took on Sweetie ( an abandoned dog) and the house on Mandavilla Lane, not to mention Wyatt and his son.

Bottom line, Ladies' Night is exactly what I have come to expect from Mary Kay Andrews. A novel of strong women, even stronger friendships, and budding relationships. If you are looking for a good lighthearted read, then look no further.


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