Monday, July 29, 2013

(63)The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty

The Husband's Secret 

Pages: 416

The Husband's Secret is the story of three women, barely acquaintances, but all connected in a way that none  of them can imagine.  There is Rachel, a widow, who is still mourning the murder of her teenage daughter over twenty years ago. She is convinced that she knows who murdered her, but she can't seem to convince the police of the same thing, she will do just about anything to find justice for her daughter.  

Tess left her hometown many years ago with her husband, Will, and her cousin/best friend, Felicity.  The three of them run an advertising firm in Melbourne and Tess feels blessed to leading such a charmed life.  Until her husband, Will, tells her that he and Felicity have fallen in love and wanht to be together. Tess does the only thing she can think of, she takes their son, Liam, and goes home to Sydney where she rekindles an old romance.

Cecilia Fitzpatrick leads a pretty charmed live in Sydney suburbs, where she has lived all of her life. Her husband, John-Paul, is an engineer, and even though he travels frequently he is an amazing father and husband.  Her own successful Tupperware business is thriving and she loves being a Mother to their three amazing daughters.  Her marriage is strong as a rock, even though it has been months since they had sex, she is confident that their marriage is unshakable.   Until the day she finds an envelope in her husband's handwriting that says "Open upon my death".  Cecilia is curious, but even more so by her husband's reaction, he suddenly returns from his trip three days early and is desperate to find that envelope. The secrets held in that envelope will change her life and the lives of everyone she loves in an unimaginable way.

I want to be very careful about not revealing key plot details, but I will say that with The Husband's Secret, you need to expect the unexpected. I went into this novel with pre-conceived notions about what exactly the "secret" actually is, but I was so wrong.  I found myself completely engrossed in the story of these three women and how they end up connected to each other. I was so engrossed I read the entire book in just one sitting, it was that good!  I think the epilogue was one of my favorite things about the book, the author did a "what if" scenario for all of her key characters, an alternate ending, so to speak for each of them.  It was fascinating to read.

Bottom line, The Husband's Secret, has been getting a lot of buzz and rightfully so. In her masterful way, Liane Moriarty, created a story that was utterly engrossing with characters who were so multi-dimensional I was sure they were real.  If you are looking for a new book club selection, then you must add this to the list, the conversations generated from this novel will go on for hours!


Sara Bell- The Traveling PhoBlogWriPher said...

I liked What Alice Forgot so I'm sure I'll like this one. It sounds good any ways, but wow, that alternate ending thing has me feeling pretty curious!

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