Monday, July 22, 2013

(62)The Silent Wife by A.S.A Harrison

The Silent Wife

Publication Date: June 25, 2013
Pages: 336

Jodi and Todd have been together for as long as either can really remember, over twenty years.  Their relationship has settled into a comfortable companionship where Todd provides very well for Jodi and Jodi ignores his extramarital affairs.  Their existence relies heavily upon Jodi's denial and so far it is working well for them. She has certain expectations for Todd and as long as he meets them, she will continue to turn her head to his activities.   Until the day when one of Todd's extracurricular activities have lasting consequences and forces both of them to reevaluate their marriage. Will they make it through this time of trouble or will the life they have built together come to an explosive end?

The Silent Wife has to be one oft he most engrossing books I have read in a while.  The author alternates perspectives with each chapter, one chapter is "Him" and the next "Her" so we get both sides of the story.   We get to become familiar with Jodi's calming, measured ways. Her predictability is one of the things about her that Todd loves most. We also get to know Todd and the cocky, confident way he has about him that comes from working hard and becoming a very successful developer.  There were many times that I found myself getting frustrated with Jodi for putting up with his philandering ways, even though she had her subtle ways of "getting even" I would be the kind of person to be screaming the house down. Todd on the other-hand, should be a guy to despise, yet it was hard.  He has this irresistible charm about him that makes it nearly impossible to despise him.  When things start coming to a head, The Silent Wife is not so silent in the most shocking ways possible. The Silent Wife moves along at a very rapid pace and with each chapter a little more is revealed until there comes a point where there is no turning back and you simply cannot put the book down until you finish.

Bottom line, I was deeply saddened when doing research for this post to discover that A.S.A Harrison passed away in April after a battle with cancer. Her first novel, The Silent Wife, is exactly what a psychological thriller should be; intense, sexy, fast paced, and so much more.  Simply not one to be missed.


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