Monday, June 17, 2013

(50)The Widow Waltz by Sally Koslow

The Widow Waltz

Publication Date: June 13, 2013
Pages: 352

Georgia Waltz has lived a rich and privileged life. She is acutely aware of just how lucky she was when she fell in love with Ben Silver.  Not just in love, but total and complete love.  As a very successful lawyer, Ben provided very well for his wife and their two daughters, Nicola and Luey.  A spacious apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, a summer home on the shore, fancy vacations, cars, schools, you name it they had it.  Ben was out for his morning jog one day when he had a fatal heart attack, leaving The Widow Waltz utterly devastated.  In the days, weeks, and months after his death, Georgia discovers some shocking things about her late husband.  Like there is no money left.  At all.  The more she starts to dig into her husbands paperwork she starts to piece together the truth about Ben Silver and their marriage, and what she finds changes her whole life.

One thing that really surprised me about this book was how well Georgia's love for her late husband translated to the readers.  My heart ached for her several times while reading this book because she obviously was so shocked and hurt by her late husband's actions. The interesting cast of characters that surround the Widow Waltz kept the story fresh and interesting.  There is her elderly mother battling dementia, and her brother and his partner, jewelers to the rich and famous, and her own daughters are unique and add a lot to the story.  Especially when one of them becomes pregnant. The story moves along nicely, but I will say that the end seemed to come out of nowhere.  It was the kind of ending that leaves you saying "WTF?"  It almost felt like the author was being disingenuous to the strength of  Georgia by writing the ending the way she did.  It was disappointing.

Bottom line, The Widow Waltz WAS a good book.  I have read many a great book where the ending disappointed me (remember that little book, Me Before You), but that didn't stop me from liking the book.  I would love to hear what others thought of The Widow Waltz, and the ending. For that reason alone you must give it a read!


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