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(44)He's Gone by Deb Caletti

He's Gone 

Publication Date: May 14,2013
Pages: 352

Dani Keller woke up that Sunday morning thinking it was like any other Sunday morning.  She was a bit groggy, even a bit hungover from the party she attended with her husband, Ian, the night before.  She gets up and starts her day with Pollux, their dog, and Ian is nowhere to be found.  At first she thought he might be out on the deck of their houseboat trying to strengthen the knots, then Dani just assumes he went out for coffee or maybe to the office, it isn't until later in the day that she starts to get concerned.  Where could he possibly be?

Over the course of the next several days Dani desperately tries to piece together the events of that Saturday night and their life together leading up to that night.   They way they met, the affair they had before finally leaving their respective spouses, all of the heartache they caused their respective children, and the fact that Ian's daughters still haven't forgiven them or accepted Dani.   What really did happen to Ian?  And what will happen to their marriage when they are found?

Deb Caletti is known for being a prolific Young Adult novelist.  And once again, I just assumed, without reading the synopsis, that He's Gone was another YA novel.  That myth was quickly dispelled on the first page.  He's Gone is a very well written book about the consequences of our actions. In the days that Ian is missing, Dani reflects on their relationship.  How it began, where it began, how it developed into the marriage they have today and she is a bit disappointed in the truths she forces herself to face.  Disappointed in herself and the pain she has caused others.  But she is also desperate to remember what happened when they got home from that party Saturday night.  As a reader you can sense the frenzy of panic building in Dani with each day that Ian is missing.  It just keeps building and building until the truth comes out.  Sometimes in books like this the conclusion is a bit of a disappointment, but I was really satisfied with the conclusion of He's Gone

Bottom line, you may or not be familiar with Deb Caletti as a YA author, but I think with He's Gone, Caletti has given us a solid debut into Womens Fiction.  If you are looking for a book to immerse yourself into this weekend, then He's Gone is definitely worth your attention.


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