Tuesday, May 7, 2013

(38)Man Up! Tales of my Delusional Self-Confidence by Ross Mathews

Man Up! 

Pages: 216
Publication Date: May 7, 2013

You are probably familiar with Ross Mathews even if you don't realize it, you know one of those faces (or voices) that you recognize, but don't realize why.  He may be that guy from Leno (like he is for me) or for some of the younger crowd you may know him as that guy from Chelsea's show.  Either way, he is that unforgettable down to earth guy that is guaranteed to make you giggle like a school girl.

Well Ross has written a book about how he stumbled into his career as a free lance "television personality".  From growing in in a rural Washington community with his normal family to becoming the worlds second most famous intern (behind Monica Lewinsky of course) we get to here all the details in true Ross fashion.  He tells us tales of dating when he was still a kid and was dating girls.  We get to hear about how he and Gwyneth Paltrow become BFFs and believe it or not, we get to hear about his love of football, no really, he loves football.  In hilarious fashion, Ross shares bits and pieces of his life and his road to becoming somewhat a celebrity himself.

I love a good celebrity memoir where we get to read about some famous celebrities and hear some behind the scenes type of stuff.  Ross Mathews does not disappoint with Man Up! His down to earth style is very evident in his words and his writing style is bit unique. By that I mean, just looking at Ross you would never expect him to have the mouth of a trucker, but he does and it is adorable on him.  Oh!  And pay attention because there is a Cosmo-style quiz at the end!

Bottom line, Man Up! has everything that you would want in a celebrity memoir.  A fun, honest celebrity, a super star BFF, and lots of giggling.  If you are looking for a quick and fun read, then you must get grab Man Up! , you can find it in book stores today.


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