Tuesday, January 8, 2013

(2)Shadowlands by Kate Brian

by Kate Brian 

Publication Date: January 8, 2013
Pages: 336

Rory Miller has survived the unthinkable.  A serial killer that  preys on young girls chose Rory to be his next victim. What is even worse is that Mr. Nell, the teacher known for whistling Beatles songs in the hall is that serial killer.  But, Rory did escape.  While the FBI is busy trying to track down the monster, they send Rory, her sister, Darcy and their father into the Witness Protection program where the girls find themselves struggling to fit in with the other kids.   Even though it feels like they are on vacation Rory is haunted by nightmares and the thought that a madman may still be after her.  Will the FBI catch Mr.Nell in time or will her worst nightmares come true?

While Shadowlands is a Young Adult novel, I really think that anyone who loves a good heart pounding suspense movie is going to love this book.  In fact, I think the novel would translate really well to the big screen.  I can see even see it as Summer blockbuster in the theaters.  The characters are typical to any teen movie. It is full of all of your typical teen stereotypes - but the nightmares that plague Rory are really chilling, not to mention the fact that she sees and hears Mr.Nell around every corner.  It is really frightening.   I am still not sure if the end was pure genius or a twist of a popular movie that we all have seen.  Either way, it still has me thinking about it a day later.

Bottom line, Shadowlands was a great thriller no matter what your age.  I enjoyed Rory and the terrifying situation she found herself in really got my blood racing. I found myself tearing through the pages trying to find out if Rory stays safe and the evil Mr. Nell was caught.  If you are one who enjoys being scared, then you might enjoy Shadowlands.


Sara Bell said...

This one sounds so good!! I am definitely going to have to bump it up to the top of my list!

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