Monday, November 19, 2012

(149)Heads In Beads by Jacob Tomsky

Heads in Beds

Publication Date: November 20, 2012
Pages: 256

With a Sister who went to school for Hotel/Motel Management and went on to work for the some of the biggest names in the Hospitality Industry, I have heard a story or two about guests.  When I heard about Jacob Tomsky's book, Heads in Beds, I was excited to read it and see if the author's stories were similar to stories that my sister and brother-in-law have regaled us with over the years.

Jacob Tomsky starts his book with how he came to work in the Hospitality Industry, he started as a valet at a new five star luxury hotel in New Orleans and while there he worked his way up to Housekeeping Manager.  After a brief sabbatical in Europe he found himself in New York City.  Where he found himself working the Front Desk at the Bellevue and found out that even though New York City and New Orleans were light years apart in many ways, but the guests were all the same.  From aging rock stars (Brian Wilson & Roger Daltry) to eccentric regulars, we get to hear all sorts of juicy and salacious stories.    A huge portion of this book, though is dedicating to the culture of tipping at hotels.  Who gets a tip, who doesn't and how everyone hustles the guests for as much cash as possible. (Who knew you were to tip your Check-In Agent? Um, I didn't)

Heads in Beds is one of those "behind the scenes" books written by a guy who ultimately just wants to do his job and make money.  There is a lot of poking fun at guests and a lot of swearing.  And like in any service industry there is a lot of drinking and even a few references at drug use.  His stories were similar to stories I have heard from my sister and brother-in-law.  The similarities also continue with the "family like" atmosphere among the staff.  Working in the Hotel/Motel industry can be very, very grueling and not for the faint of heart.  That is definitely translated well in this book.  And maybe it will cause you to be just a little more understanding and friendly the next time you check into a hotel.

Bottom line, if you like to read "behind the scenes" industry books, then you will enjoy Heads in Beds.  But I will give the disclaimer that if you are offended easily or are a frequent traveler you may find yourself offended at the language and may even be offended to  "see" yourself in some of the descriptions.  I think that if you have anyone in your family who has worked in the Hotel/Motel industry, then Heads in Beds will make the perfect Christmas gift!


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