Thursday, October 25, 2012

(143)The Making of Us by Lisa Jewell

The Making of Us

Publication Date: August 14, 2012
Pages: 403

Lydia, Dean, and Robyn are just going about their own business in the greater London area.  They don't know the others exist and they really have much in common except for the fact that they were born because of a sperm donor.  That sperm donor, Daniel, is dying and his dying wish is to know what became of his children.  While his days slip away, his friend, Maggie tracks down Lydia, Dean, and Robyn.

Lydia is a wealthy business woman, but has a life that is really devoid of family and friends.  Dean is a an old twenty-one year old who just became a single father after his girlfriend died during childbirth, and Robyn just turned eighteen and is at a crossroads in her life.  The three of them awkwardly come together to honor the wishes of their dying father.  Will the strangers be able to develop a sibling relationship or will they do this and never speak again?

The Making of Us  was an engrossing novel.  The author did a wonderful job of giving the reader an in depth look at these three siblings and their father. You really got to know Lydia, Dean, and Robyn, and as the reader truly gets to know them, you realize how much they would benefit from having a sibling.  All three are a bit lonely and adrift in their lives.  Anyone who has a sibling (I have six of them) knows that it can be a love/hate relationship at times, but no matter what happens they are there for you and "got your back".

Bottom line, I really did enjoy The Making Of Us.  The book really grabs you from the first page.  As you start to read about these three very unique individuals you realize that their lives are all lacking in someway.  If you are looking for a well written novel about relationships, you must not miss this one, it will leave you wanting to call your siblings just to say hi...


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