Saturday, September 29, 2012

(130)Gone Missing by Linda Castillo

Gone Missing

Publication Date: June 19,2012
Pages: 288

I have been a fan of Linda Castillo ever since I got an ARC of her first book, Sworn to Silence. Which is now about to become a movie with Neve Campbell staring as Kate Burkholder.  Her new book, Gone Missing, picks up virtually where the last book left off. 

Amish teenagers are disappearing at an alarming rate.  With her Amish background, Kate is called in by Tomasetti to consult on the case.  While off being a consultant, an Amish teen in her own jurisdiction goes missing.  A teen who is special to Kate Burkholder.  She rushes home to find out what happened to the teen and find out what kind of monster is taking Amish teens.   Will she be able to find the missing teens before it is too late?

Gone Missing really does pick up where Breaking Silence left off, especially the relationship between Kate and Tomasetti.  There relationship is moving forward at a pace that leaves Kate a bit uncomfortable, but leaves the reader saying "DO IT! DO IT!".  I also liked how the author moves the story at a nice pace and when the big discovery is about to be made, the tempo of the story picks up rather quickly.  You can't help but just whip through the pages as fast as possible.  And the end!  Oh my gosh, the end really did surprise me!   You know an author has surprised you when you literally gasp at a revelation. 

Bottom line, if you have not started reading Linda Castillo's books, then now is definitely the time.  You can pick up any of her books and get enough of a back story to not feel lost, but I think starting with Sworn to Silence is important just so you can see the growth of Burkholder, Tomasetti, and their relationship. If you are a fan of a good mystery novel, then you just can't miss Gone Missing.


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