Monday, September 10, 2012

(126)Those We Love The Most by Lee Woodruff

Those We Love Most

Pages: 320
Publication Date: September 11, 2012

You may know Lee Woodruff because in 2006 her husband, Bob, was critically injured while reporting a story in Iraq.  Lee has been a writer all of her life, but it was the book that she co-wrote with her husband, In An Instant that really made her a household name.

Her first novel, Those We Love Most, is being released tomorrow and is a novel that you don't want to miss.  Maura is your typical suburban Stay-At-Home-Mom.  She juggles the activities of her three children, the maintenance of their home, and the care of their puppy dog, Rascal.  It is just another day when she sets out for a walk with her little family when she glances away for a second and her son is hit by a car.  In that instant life as she knows it has changed forever.   Those We Love Most takes us through that first year after the accident.  We see that year from four different view points.  Maura's, her husband, Pete.  And Maura's parents, Roger and Margaret.   The impact made on this family is absolute, but it also brings to surface some buried problems in the marriage of these two couples.  Will tragedy bridge the gaps between them or will it permanently tear them apart?

Those We Love Most is every parent's worst nightmare come to life. Lee Woodruff has written such a realistic novel that it will make your heart skip a beat in several instances.  As we follow Maura and her family you see that neither her marriage nor her parents are as strong as they lead everyone to believe.  I really like how the author made her characters flawed, it just added to the authenticity of the story.   I also really enjoyed how she included the boy behind the wheel throughout the whole story, it added that extra something that really touched my heart.

Bottom line, Those We Love The Most, is a dramatic read.  The subject matter alone makes it a tough read, but it is most definitely worth the read.  The characters are so intricately drawn and the story so well written that you can not help but be pulled into the world of this family.   I really enjoyed Those We Loved Most and I look forward to reading more fiction by Lee Woodruff.


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